Anti-rust oil


Advantage of water-soluble anti-rust oil
 01. Advantage of water-soluble 
 anti-rust oil 
  • Displays outstanding effect as a short-term anti-rust oil between processes from using additives with outstanding anti-rust property
  • Can be applied to all types of ferrous metals.
  • Can be applied even during the water pressure TEST and also outstanding anti-rust property between processes.
  • Can be used even in the spray process from having outstanding antifoaming property
  • Can be easily cleaned with warm water from having outstanding cleansing ability
 02. Advantage of non-water soluble 
 anti-rust oil 
  • We have products in stock to be ordered by customer demand (Short-term, mid-term and long-term anti-rusting or anti-rust materials)
  • Can be used by replacing the wax type anti-rust oil which is difficult to clean
  • Can be applied to all work types and also can be applied both nonferrous and ferrous metals.
  • An anti-rust oil with outstanding demulsibility
  • There is no sense of rebulsion by worker from having little smell.

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