Water soluble cutting oil 
Semi Emlsion Type

◎ : Excellent application,○: Good application, △: Require application review, X: Not applicable

Item / Name

undiluted solution appearance/ 
dilluted solution appearance 




Applicable materialRecommended concentration (%)
Product advantages and applications
Cast iron
SOL-200DYellow Transparent/
Translucent Blue-white
0.9959.85~83~5Semi-emulsion type water-soluble basic cutting fluid
Excellent cleaning properties when applied to the product.
[Material: Casting, Casting Steel, Alloy Steel]
SOL-223DYellow Transparent/
Translucent Blue-white
0.9979.95~83~5Micro-emulsion type water-soluble corpuscular cutting fluid
Excellent perish-resistance with EP(extreme pressure) additive added.
[Material: Casting, Aluminum, Copper, Sus]
SOL-225NYellow Transparent/
Translucent Blue-white
0.9969.66~124~6Semi-emulsion synthetic type water-soluble cutting fluid
with excellent perish-resistance
Have a long lifespan with excellent perish-resistance and emulsion stability
to obtain the excellent economic effect.
[Material: Steel, Alloy steel, SUS, Aluminum]
SOL-200(M)Tan Transparent/
 Translucent Milky Type
0.9709.56~124~6Semi-emulsion type water-soluble cutting and grinding fluid
By using ester materials, Paraffin Base Oil, EP and EO surfactants
it gives cleaning effect of equipment parts.
[Material: Steel, Alloy Steel, SUS, Aluminum, Ceramic, Copper]
SOL-150NTan Transparent /
Translucent Synthetic
1.0429.75~83~6Semi-synthetic ester type water-soluble cutting and grinding fluid
Popularized version of [SOL-250N]
with high-quality fatty acid polyester combined ester material added
SOL-250NTan Transparent /
Translucent Synthetic
1.0419.73~62~4Semi-synthetic ester type water-soluble cutting and grinding fluid
2 types of W2 high-quality cutting and grinding product with high-quality fatty acid polyester added
[Material: cutting and grinding of all ferrous metals, sintered alloys, and heat-resistant steels]
[Precision parts processing Aluminum, Ceramic, Copper and Sus & Heat-resisting Steels]
SOL-202HYellow Transparent/
 Translucent Milky Type
0.9809.03~103~5Emulsion water-soluble synthetic type of premium quality semi-micro
corpuscular cutting oil that enables cutting processing of all ferrous
and non-ferrous metals.
Precision parts processing, Milling, Turning, Drilling, Boring,
Tapping, Excellent performance in grinding work.
[Material: Fe, Cu, AL, MG]


Advantage of metal working fluids
Emulsion Stability
Excellent oil stability in soft/hard water
Excellent lubricity, very good surface roughness, tool lifetime enlargement
Perish-resistance, non-toxic
Excellent anti-corrosiveness and no toxicity to skin through careful selection of preservatives.

Low-foaming, easy to discard
Low bubbles and easy to treat waste water

Low harm to human because of being eco-friendly through production by removing all the internationally environmentally regulated substances.

Metal working fluids

Improved machinability

  • Reduction of cutting resistance
  • Suppression of B.U.E
  • Improved dimensional accuracy
  • Enlargement of tool lifetime
  • Improved roughness of cut surface
Improved workability

  • Cooling efficiency
  • Chip dischargeability (filter, pipe clogging prevention)
  • Adds anti-rust properties on workpiece materials (Especially the iron series) or machine tools
  • Excellent rot resistance → Increase of oil lifetime and reduction of rot smell
  • Highly vesicular → Reduction of bubble problems in processes
  • Exclusion of harmful substances → Eco-friendly cutting oil maximum suppression of environment contamination

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