Drawing & forming oil


  01. Advantage of 
Drawing & forming oil  

THe punching oil of Dong Sung Oil & Chemical co. is a product safe to environmnet and human as a product that is suitable for the punching and high-speed punching of motor cores, silicon steel, carbon steel, surface-hear-treated steel and non-ferrous steel, leaves no residuals after drying because of its excellent drying property, and generates no harmful gases to be coloreless(thin yellow) and odorless.

 02. Advantage of
 Water- soluble drawing & forming  

The water-soluble drawing forming oils of DongSung Oil & chmical Co. has excellent lusbricity and pressure resistance, enlarges the lifetime of tools by reducing friction between tools and materials, enhances the surface condition of products, and increases the drawing force. And this is water-soluble to be excellent in cooling effects and has a food cleaning force to faciliate machining.

  03. Advantage of 
Non-water soluble drawing &forming oils 

The non-water soluble drawing & forming oils of Dong Sung Oil is an exclusive oil for precise drawing processes with excellent lubricity and pressure resistance, uses a highly refined basic oil to be good in smeel and color, and generates an extremely low amount of smoke to get the workplace environment clean. This contains a lot of additives of excellent composite type, and has excellent thermal staility to be useable for a long time. This also has excellent gloss and high recyclability

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